Wool – the forgotten wonderful fiber?

As we progress through the Fall and Winter seasons, the more we’ll need to stay warm.  There’s now more of a tendency to add a layer of clothing as energy prices continue to increase.

One of the best and most sustainable fabrics to help stay warm is wool. Whether it’s your clothing or blankets! There are lots of different types of wool, including Merino, Angora, Alpaca and Cashmere. All the different types of wool can be found in items such as bedspreads, coats, suits and sweaters.

The great thing about wool is that it will keep you warm, but it is also a classic fibre that is very much representative of ‘Slow Fashion’.  Over the years, more manufactured and synthetic fibers have been used as an alternative to wool, but what cost to the planet in the era of ‘Fast Fashion’?

Well, wool is coming back into favor, and it has many supporters from pop stars to royalty. King Charles III of the United Kingdom (who proudly boasts that he still wears a wool suit that dates back to the 1970s), is the patron of ‘Campaign for wool’ and even took part in an experiment, which involved burying both a synthetic and wool garment for 4 months.

Then Alex James (member of Brit Pop Band Blur) dug up both items. The wool item had degraded significantly, where the synthetic item had not, and in fact had solidified, showing that it would never degrade. Imagine then, a landfill site full of synthetic items.

Alex also conducted an experiment on the show ‘Slowing Down Fast Fashion’, setting fire to a wool item and a synthetic item with a blow torch.  The blow torch did burn a hole in the woollen item, but it did not catch fire. The synthetic item did catch fire, and in his words, “That smells really toxic, and it’s really sticky… that’s like an oil slick burning.”

So, as well as environmental concerns, there are also safety concerns. Wool is also being used in innovative ways too. Armadillo Merino, create clothing made of wool for astronauts to wear on their missions, helping to reduce odour in confined spaces – something that is not considered to be an obvious requirement to us non-astronauts! And these are not heavy-duty sweaters, but t-shirts, long johns, balaclavas and socks!

It’s great that they don’t have to consider after care when on a mission, but back on terra firma, GreenEarth Affiliates and their customers can rely on the gentle and effective properties of our pure liquid silicone.  Whether it’s heavy duty wool or something more delicate like cashmere, these items can be cleaned time and time again, without losing color and shape, plus they will keep their original soft feel – also, customers don’t have to worry about drying items flat, when they entrust their wool items in the experienced hands of our collective affiliate network!