Celebrate Your Grads at Home

It’s no secret that, unfortunately, graduations look different this year. Class of 2020, we applaud the dedication and effort it takes to graduate.

While we can’t celebrate in the typical sense, we can still find ways to cheer on the high school and college graduates who have worked so hard to finish school. This time has us connecting to people more than ever, even when we’re not physically close.

There are many ways you can still celebrate this milestone and schools and businesses around the US are planning creative ways to do so.

Although your high school or college might have their version of a commencement ceremony, there are also things you can do to have a party at home. Here are some ideas to make your celebration one to remember – and of course one that’s also good for the earth.


When decorating, an organic alternative to plastic is making confetti out of plants. This no-waste, non-pollutant confetti offers a fun way to get outside with family as well!

Balloon Alternatives

Balloons are not biodegradable and often result in excessive littering. A good substitute are pinwheels. Because they are stuck in the ground, there is no chance of them floating away and up in the air. You’ll still get the same colorful atmosphere with them, too! Bonus points if you used biodegradable or recycled paper.

Decorate Like it’s the Real Deal

Decorate your home if you’re planning a virtual celebration. Video calling close friends and family to have a party apart is a great way to commemorate your grad in the family. Keep the lively atmosphere and dress up your living room or backyard with pinwheels, banners and all the works.

Keep it Local

As with any good party, have lots of snacks and desserts to enjoy. A custom cake from a local bakery is a great way to support small businesses at the same time.

No Need for Paper/Plastic Plates

Most party stores have paper or plastic plates and cutlery, but these are non-biodegradable and pretty harmful to our environment. Because your gathering is small anyway, there isn’t that need to stock up on lots and lots of dinnerware. Use the dishes that you already own and let your food and decor stand out in its place.